Best 150cc Scooter Street Legal Gas Moped

The easy and cheap way for riding a personal vehicle is using a 150 cc Scooter. Scooter is a comfortable and low-cost vehicle to ride. The 150 cc Scooters are almost equal to riding bikes. But bikes are costly and need insurance. Scooters are the only ones you will find cheaper and no insurance. To ride a 150cc Moped, you need to register.

Though a Scooter is legal for the street but without a register you can get into trouble. With this cc you can ride to your desired destination within a less period. You will find high commuting Scooters in this review. Every Scooter is also called Sporty Scooter. So, let us have a look at the Top 150cc scooters at our interest.

X-Pro 150cc Scooter

The motor company has launched one of the reliable and strong motor Scooters. Along with its durability the Scooter also looks attractive at all angles. With different powerful colors, it captures every rider’s eye. The engine is so fast that it is only used for travel purposes.

Those who are in serious business, this Scooter is best for them. Although you may ride sometimes for fun but many use this type of Scooter for long commuting. With its 4-stroke engine, you can ride anywhere within a shorter period. The transmission is automatic. With an easy twist-throttle you can start your operation. While riding over bumpy roads the suspension will make you feel comfortable.

For a smooth pause you will find the brakes helpful. Not only that talking about weight capacity, this Scooter can carry more than one person. Though speed will reduce but it will not cause any damage to your time. Below you will find details about features of particular parts of this Scooter.

  • Engine: The 150cc 4-stroke Scooter comes with a very powerful engine with a top speed of 55mph.
  • Wheel: The front and rear wheels are 12 inches with Dot offers to gain good friction.
  • Brake: The front part of the Scooter comes with hydraulic ABS Disc brake and the rear one has Drum brake. Drum brakes are mechanical brakes and it serves a good pause during speed.
  • Suspension: The front part has a twin inverted electric fork. The rear part has dual hydraulic spring suspension. It serves a great purpose on terrain surfaces.
  • Load Capacity: The max weight it can carry is 350 pounds which is enough for two riders to ride on.
  • Storage: You will find a lot of space underneath the seat for storing your belongings. For extra space there is a rear storage trunk that you might find useful.
  • The top speed of 55mph will save your lot of time.
  • Great gas mileage with low-cost on fuel.
  • Dot wheels for better traction.
  • Does not bring an actual feeling like riding a bike.
  • Lack of power during riding on highways.

Why we recommend X-Pro as a best 150cc scooter?

The large headlight and a good taillight will help you to ride during night time. You will find the digital gas meter display useful during your ride. The stylish kickstand will help you to park the Scooter in the parking area. Observing the turn signal indicator may help you to ride on the road with precautions. This Scooter is best in all the way you look at. The whole body is durable and every single part is reliable to use. This is the best you are looking into. So, X-Pro Scooter will be your best choice for purchasing.

2. Tao-Tao Quantum 150cc Scooter

Tao-Tao Quantum 150 cc Scooter

With a 149cc 4-stroke engine, the Tao-Tao company has bought a powerful and durable Scooter. The best part of it is the top speed of this Scooter. It runs at 50mph speed. In this Scooter you will come to know about CVT transmission. Changing the gear becomes tough for most of us. So, after huge thought we bought this transmission for auto gear changing. It will make you easy to ride.

The Scooter can hold 2 adults at a time. You can carry someone behind the back and run it. Moreover, it is CARB approved. No need to worry about street legal issues. The cost of gas will be very low. Fuel consumption is better. With this speed you can travel to your desired destination within a low period.

Brakes are better enough for a smooth pause. The height of the seat is 29 inches. It is a standard size for every rider. The large headlight and taillight will serve you the purpose of riding during night time. The stylish kickstand will help you to park the Scooter at ease in the parking area. Details about its feature are below.

  • Engine: The powerful motor runs the Scooter with an average speed of 50mph. The Scooter consumes 90mpg of fuel which is very efficient in cost.
  • Wheel: The dimension of the wheelbase is 54.13 inches. Both the front and rear tires are equal in diameter. The aluminum wheel will help you to ride over terrain surfaces.
  • Brake: The front brake contains a Hydraulic ABS Disc brake and the rear one has a drum brake. Mechanical brake or drum brake is good for avoiding major accidents.
  • Startup: For an emergency start, the Scooter has both electric and kick start. If in any case the battery gets dead then the kick startup will help you a lot.
  • Load Capacity: The Scooter can carry an average weight of 350 pounds. It is good enough for everyone. You can make a companion to your ride.
  • Storage: The Scooter has no internal storage. So, for carrying your belongings you need to make your storage room.

  • The gap between deck and ground is 5 inches.
  • Load capacity does not hamper the speed so much.
  • Fuel consumption is low which is better for you.
  • It contains a single cylinder for a 149 cc 4-stroke engine.

  • No internal storage which is a drawback.

Why you should buy Tao Tao Quantum 150cc scooter?

So, the one drawback will not cause you that kind of damage. If you look at the actual part which you need for riding is present in it. You also have an advantage of the speed. Within a low time, you can travel. The brakes will serve you a great stop. Even if you are on a high speed, the drum brake will help you for a smooth pause. Backup starting ability is also seen in this Scooter.

Moreover, the cooling features add an extra advantage for the engine. At 149 cc over a speed of 35+mph can generate huge heat. The cooling machine will cut the heat bringing it back to balance temperature will help you. So, you should have a look at this Scooter before buying it.

3. ICE BEAR 150cc Hawk Eye Electric Start Gas Moped

ICE BEAR 150cc moped

ICE BEAR is one of the most popular brand.Buying any type of Scooter is up to you. You may get a huge amount of knowledge from our reviews. And that doesn’t mean we are forcing you to buy any item. But this time the case is a little bit twisted. If you are a moped lover you won’t miss this one. The company has launched a three-wheeler Scooter with lots of stylish features.

The ICE BEAR 150cc Scooter comes with a strong steel frame and a large top on it. Its engine runs at an average speed of 49.7mph with a max torque of 9.3m. The ignition system is CDI with a compression rate of 10.3:1. This Scooter has only one brake system. Its brake system is good enough to provide a clear and smooth pause.

You will be glad to hear that the ground clearance is 5.5 inches. The deck area is large enough for placing two feet. The seating facility is very comfortable. This Scooter has low possibilities of getting an accident. You will enjoy its three-wheel structure. For more details please look at the following features.

  • Engine: With 150 cc 4-stroke powerful engine you will experience an average speed of 49.7 mph. You will also observe an auto-cooler machine. It is for balancing the temperature of the engine. It helps the engine to cool down.
  • Wheel: Only this type of Scooter has a three-wheel facility for giving a good balance. On terrain surfaces you will find it less difficult to control it than any other Scooter. The front and rear wheels are 130 x 60-13 and 205 x 50-10.
  • Brake: You will find only one brake system which is the disc brake. It is one of the finest brakes for the riders. This disc brake will ensure your only safety. With a light press you will feel a smooth pause to your desired destination.
  • Load Capacity: It is the only Scooter that can hold a load of more than 350 pounds. The average weight capacity of this Scooter is 441 pounds. Two riders can ride this Scooter without any issues of speed.

  • Highest load capacity compared to other Scooters.
  • Back wheels are wide in diameter which will feel you no pain while riding over rough surfaces.
  • Handling is good for control and the brake is better enough for an easy stop.
  • The top is large compared to other Scooters.

  • Speed is not high enough compared to other Scooters.
  • Low storage facilities.

Why ICE BEAR 150cc Hawk Eye Electric Start Gas Moped is better then others?

If you look at the wheelbase you will see that they are very wide. It is 61.5 inches in dimension. The transmission is auto and it has a backup startup. In an emergency you can use either electric or kick to start. The battery is 12 volt which can hold up for a longer time. The rider will feel comfortable to sit on it as its seat height is 33.8 inches. The deck area is broad enough to ride at an ease.

You will also find a small trunk on the rear side for storage facilities. The weight itself is 380 pounds and the drive system is Chain. For this Scooter you will find cons about its speed but that’s not bad at all. So, for its stylish and many features this Scooter is worth to buy.

4. X-Pro 150cc Zoma 4stroke Gas Moped

The X-Pro 150cc Zoma  gas moped

The X-Pro 150cc Zoma gas moped is another best model of X-pro Motor company with a powerful 4 stroke engine. The average speed of this Scooter is about 55+mph. With its automatic transmission it ensures the easy way of gearing the Scooter. You only need to twist the throttle and the engine will get started.

The rider finds this Scooter easy to handle. This Scooter also has good gas mileage. The fuel consumption is better for traveling long distances. With speed you can reach your desired destination at a low period. The wheels are 13 inches in diameter. The tiers are good for friction. This will help you while applying the brakes.

The engineers built heavy and smooth working breaks for both the sides. They will save you from any kind of accident. The ignition system is CDI. The battery is 12volt/7Ah. For emergency cases you will find electric and kick start. Want more details of features? Please continue reading to the bottom.

  • Engine: With 5.85Kw horsepower the Scooter runs an average speed of 55+mph depending on the rider. The auto-cool system keeps the engine’s temperature balanced.
  • Wheel: The dot wheels with 13 inches broad give the Scooter a good traction. Both the tiers are 130/60.
  • Brake: The Scooter has a dual brake on both sides. The front-wheel has disc brake and the rear wheel has drum brake. The mechanical brake gives the rider a smooth pause.
  • Load Capacity: The max weight it can carry is 240 pounds. If more than one person rides then it may slow the average speed.

  • Speed is fast enough to cover your desired distance within a low period.
  • The wheels will give you good support against any kind of accident.
  • Fuel consumption is good.

  • No internal storage but you can add if you want.

Why X-Pro 150cc Zoma 4stroke Gas Moped is perfect?

X-Pro 150cc Zoma is a perfect moped of its performance, outlook and compactness. Besides, the Scooter weighs 300 pounds itself. The total dimension is 71.26” x 28.54” x 41.34”. The diameter of the wheelbase is 51.26”. No need to worry about night riding. With a large headlight and bright tail light, you can travel during night time. You will also find the turn signal indicator useful.

From top to bottom the Scooter looks perfect. It is durable and every part is reliable to use. Moreover, the backup startup system will help you when your battery life will die. So, the Scooter is worth it for a single rider. The Storage option is not that kind of drawback. So, you should read the review with proper attention before buying this Scooter.

5. Tao-Tao Lancer 150cc Street Legal Scooter

Tao-Tao Lancer 150cc Street Legal Scooter

The Tao-Tao brand has bought a stylish looking 150cc street legal scooter Known as LANCER. From top to bottom you will be seeing the frame only. It comes with a dashing steel body with a variety of colors. Its attractive looks will make the rider love for it. Not only its look but also the awesome feature. If you observe the speed then you will find that it runs an average speed of 90km/hr. The speed is enough to ride on medium highways.

The 4-stroke engine runs with 10Hp. Now, it has internal storage as well as a rear trunk. So, no need to worry about carrying your belongings. This Scooter can carry an average weight of 360kg. It is enough for two riders to ride. The capacity of a person does not reduce the speed of the Scooter.

The brakes are better enough to ensure the safety of the rider. You will experience a smooth pause. The wheels are of Aluminum. It will help you to ride over terrain surfaces. For clear details please look below at its features.

  • Engine

    : With 10 horsepower, the 4-stroke 150cc powerful engine runs the Scooter. It has an average speed of 90km/hr. One will experience the gentle breeze of the air while riding it on highways.

  • Wheel: Both the wheels are of Aluminum. Both the wheels are of the same dimension. The tiers are good for creating great friction. More or fewer accidents will be avoided due to the best quality of wheels.
  • Brake: It has a dual brake on both sides. The front side has a hydraulic Disc brake and the rear side has Drum brake. Front brake has an ABS technology system that ensures a smooth pause. The rear side has a mechanical brake which ensures a good pause after traveling at max speed.
  • Load Capacity: The max load capacity it can contain is 360kg. It can carry more than two riders without the reduction of speed.

  • Top speed makes your fuel consumption better. Low cost needed for filling the gas.
  • Enough storage for keeping your belongings.
  • Two riders can ride the bikes with ease.
  • Brakes are smoother for a pause.

  • Need to assemble but pre-assembling will be for your betterment.

Why this Tao-Tao Lancer 150cc moped is amazing?

The body of this Scooter is durable and every part is reliable. You can choose your color before buying it. At a low price you can never imagine this Scooter with amazing features.

Those who want to or need to ride at night for different purposes you can take this Scooter for choice. This Scooter has two bright headlights and a small bright tail light. The mirror is well set. You will find a digital meter for observing gas meters. It will help you during your rides.

Choosing the best 150cc scooter and Buying Guides

Everything you have to know before buying 150cc street legal gas scooters. You need to know better about engine, load capacity, fuel economy, breaking system and many more. We discussed below in details of all the topic that you have to follow before buy a gas street legal moped.

How should be engine power and speed of 150cc moped?

Our reviews tell that the average speed of most of the Scooters are from 45mph to 55+mph. The engine is chain driven. The 150cc Scooters need a register name before riding. You will experience a feeling of riding a motorbike. This 150 cc Scooter is almost like bikes. So, you only need to collect the moped license for riding on highways. You should choose Scooter whose average speed is above 45mph for a better ride.

Due to safety components the chances of accidents may reduce. You can travel far distances within a short time with an average speed of 50mph. Moreover, the Scooter is durable enough to carry another person at your back. This will not reduce your speed which is enough in consuming less time. So, these are things you need to ensure before buying a 150cc Scooter.

Bike Engine (1)

How should be the perfect design and features?

The Scooter has its design with some amazing features. The Scooters frame which is of aluminum steel will be best to balance during rides. Those are durable and easy to control. The Scooters with a compact body system will give you a perfect ride.

Most Scooter’s Wheels are aluminum. They are very safe and easy to use. For these wheels you will be able to handle any light Scooter without hesitation. As a result, you can run your Scooter at ease. The Aluminum wheels look more polished than a steel frame. Those create low frictional noise while riding on terrain surfaces. The fuel consumption will cost low with great speed.

Why brakes and safety is important?

All Scooter’s front brakes and the rear brakes are discs and drums. You know that the drum brakes are mechanical. You will be feeling safe for the drum brakes. So, any Scooter with rear drum brakes should work with proper function.

For emergency startup, you can use electric and a kick start which is in all the 150cc Scooters. In case your battery fails you can use either any one of them to run the engine. So, these are the important things you need to look before buying any Scooters.

Scooter Helmet

Why you need to lookup the load capacity?

Running any bike depends on rider weight. Not all can carry more than one person. It is better to check on those Scooters which can carry loads more than 300 lbs. Besides, you need to check the speed of a Scooter. If it reduces it will be tough to carry two persons. For 150cc moped weight does not matter at all.

So, you should not look for those at all. Do not waste your money. Moped has its weight which can be heavy or light. Remember that at low weight Scooter can even carry loads more than 300lbs weight.

Why you need license and insurance?

Many of us get confused with mopeds and Scooters. A moped will always be a Scooter even if it runs on a 150cc powerful engine. Many of us know that buying vehicles can cost your insurance a huge amount.

Buying sports bikes and cars will cost you a huge amount of insurance. But some states mopeds or scooters do not have any insurance policy or need low cost insurance and it is also street legal. But you need to register a moped license under a particular state before buying it. Without a license card, you are illegal to run it on the streets.

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