Best 50cc Scooters | Best 50cc Mopeds Review

Best 50cc Scooters are now floating in the market. It became a kind of trend to buy this kind of Scooter. Since, the engine is above 50 cc you must be thinking that it is some kind of bike.

But the fact is these are not original bikes. Rather you can tell due to the engine above 50 cc it runs like a bike. The 50 cc Moped is best to buy because they are cheap compare to cars or bikes. You need a Scooter license through registration.

All the Mopeds are legal in the streets at any state. This 50cc Scooters have safety built-in parts and are fun to ride. Moreover, you can find a kind of storage option which you may take during the ride. 

1. X-Pro Maui 50cc gas Scooter

One of the most renowned company Moto Pro has bought a successful fastest 50cc gas Scooter. Most of the gas Scooters came up with wheels made of steel but this new 50cc bike has aluminum wheels. There are many benefits you may find due to aluminum wheels.

First of all, it will reduce your fuel consumption. While riding over bumpy roads less noise will produce. It is due to the inner friction of aluminum wheels. Moreover, you will find polish more in aluminum wheels than steel wheels. The 4-stroke engine when heated up gets cool down due to the auto air-cooler system.

You will also find low cost on gas it avails less consumption of gas travelling higher distances. The startup is both electric and kickable. So, the riders will experience a smooth starting.

Going to the storage facility, there is a huge compartment underneath the seat. You can take the most necessary belongings along with your ride. This Scooter has a weight capacity of 165 pounds.

The front-wheel has a disc brake and the rear wheel has drum brake i.e. mechanical brake. The brakes will give you a powerful and smooth pause without any kind of accident. Both the front and rear 10 inches Dot wheels provide a huge friction ability.

The front side has dual fork ability which will make you feel soft while riding over a bumpy road. The rear side has shock upgraded suspension ability. It will give you a swift ride along the whole journey. 


  • With less gas consumption you can travel a long distance.
  • You can use a mechanical start if you are in a hurry.
  • A dual fork system is present for bumps-absorption.
  • Wheels are of aluminium.


The average speed gets below 20mph if the load increases over 200lbs.


Like all the other Scooters it has also a wide deck area for the better placement of feet. The seat is comfortable enough for the riders to ride. The bike is durable to ride on.

The attractive colors of this X-Pro Maui 50cc bike make the eyes unstoppable not to look away. More features like large headlight, multi-reflector taillight helps to ride during night. It’s free servicing of battery makes the electric power durable.

What more do you want? Well, the main thing you need to know is that every part of X-Pro Maui is reliable or not? Yes, with the almost blind eye you can trust the durability of this Scooter. But that doesn’t mean that you will buy it without checking. Always check the warranty issue before paying.

2. Tao-Tao ATM50-A1

The brand Tao-Tao is one of the best brands for selling the Moped Scooter. They recently bought the ATM50 series in the market. And Tao-Tao ATM50-A1 is one of the upper selling Scooter.

From the engine to the top everything is perfect. It has the most powerful engine with a max speed of 35mph. The brakes and gear are more durable than other Scooters. The seat arrangements are for two people which most Scooter don’t have with them. It runs on gas and is automatic. The storage facilities are more than enough.

One is below the seat and the other is on the rear trunk. The rear trunk is also lockable. It has a weight capacity of up to 225 pounds. As, carrying two people is possible but it will decrease the speed compare to the original speed.

One of the best things about this Scooter is that it is CARB compliant. Now, what does it means? It states that you can ride it on the streets of California without holding up to any kind of trouble with the state. In other sense it is Street legal.

The Scooter itself weight 250 pounds. Those who want to go on a long ride like trips than this Scooter will be best for you to look at. While riding it will be tough for the rider to handle if two adult seats on it. But that’s not a big deal at all. It has both front and rear brakes. The 10-inch rims are of steel.

It also has a hydraulic suspension which will help you while riding on terrain surfaces. It runs on automatic CVT. The sleek and aerodynamic style looks great. With all attractive color the Scooter looks perfect in all the angles.


  • It has the topmost speed of 35mph.
  • It is street legal and CARB compliance.
  • It has extra storage facilities.
  • It also has extra seat capacity.


  • Though it has the highest speed but the fuel consumption is very low.
  • As it has some extra features so the user can find it difficult in reading the manual.


So, the Scooter seems fine to ride on. Are you looking for those Scooter which will consume less time? You are reading the right Scooter review. For only the top speed, with-n less time you can reach to your destination. Moreover, the brakes are well smooth enough for giving you a comfort pause. The deck area is large enough to fit your two feet.

The seat is also comfortable and soft. The extra features like headlight, rear light, and kickstand are of-course available. You can park the Scooter in the parking area due to the kickstand. Rather than that the whole body is durable and made of aluminum. It is a kind sporty type Scooter.

3. X-Pro Oahu 50cc Moped

Another amazing cheapest 50cc Scooter the Moto Pro company has bought known as X-Pro Oahu Moped. The 4-stroke 50 cc powerful engine is chain driven. The most power of the engine is 2.95hp and the highest torque is 6000rpm. The transmission is automatic. The startup can go through both electric and kick.

The average speed of this Scooter is 35+mph depending on the load capacity. You will get enough fun while riding on it. The ignition system is C.D.I. It has a battery of 12 volt/7Ah. From top to bottom everything is of stainless steel. The frame structure of this Scooter is the beauty with various color. The front suspension is a collapsible fork and the rear suspension is a single wave.

Looking toward the brake system it has dual brake on both sides. The front side contains a disc brake and the rear side contain a drum brake. Both the tiers are aluminum and their dimension are 3.50-10.

This Scooter can carry a weight of 209lbs. The Scooter weight itself 163lbs. The total dimension of the adults scooter is 68 x 26.4 x 43.2 inches. The height of the seat is 29.6 inches. Any adult person can adjust their height with the seat. The deck area is broad enough to place the two feet with a comfortable seating service. The dimension of the wheel is 48 inches.

The gap between the ground and deck is 6.6 inches. It can hold up to 6 liters of fuel. If you want to carry your belongings than the storage facility is underneath the seat. There is also an external storage at the rear trunk. The suspension of this cheapest 50cc bike is well enough to give you a smooth ride over terrain surfaces. 


  • Top speed is 35+mph.
  • Huge fuel capacity to travel a long distance.
  • The dual suspension at both the side will provide you a smooth ride over a rough surface.
  • The body is durable and the parts are reliable.


  • Need to assemble.
  • Disadvantage due to drum brake on the rear wheel.


So, with top speed and high fuel consumption you can travel to your desired destination. The cost requires for gas is very cheap. No need to worry about it. Extra features like large headlight, rear taillight, and stand are always built-in.

This adults bike is durable and every part is reliable. The aluminum wheels are strong enough to hold the rider. No bumpy surfaces will affect the aluminum wheels.

4. Tao-Tao CY50-A

Tao-Tao has given the riders thrilling by launching CY50-A in the market. This sporty Scooter comes with a 4-stroke powerful engine. It matches the present trending design. This adults scooter is also fuel-efficient. Observing the cost of gas, it avails 100 miles per gallon. You need not to worry about the cost of gas. You will not find any cheaper in any other bike.

The average speed is 35mph which is fast enough to travel with-n a short time. The engine has a horsepower of 1.8. If the engine gets heated up than its auto air-cooler system will start running. It keeps the engine at a stable temperature. You will be happy to know that the starter is both electric and kick. The ignition is C.D.I and the transmission are auto.

It has only one storage facility which is the rear trunk. The storage is enough to carry most of your belongings. Going to the dimension, the length, width, and height is “73.8 x 25.3 x 40.1” inches. The height of the seat is 29 inches and the gap between the deck and ground is 5 inches. The base of the wheel is 47 inches. The battery is 12 volts.

This fuel economy Scooter has two types of brake. The front-wheel contains Disc brake and the rear wheel holds Drum brake. The dimension of the front and rear tier is 2.15-10 and 3.15-10. You can enjoy riding this Scooter in an open road as it is CARB approved. You will find a smooth pause due to its best braking system. The rims are 10 inches made of aluminum and lightweight. The most weight it can carry is 165 pounds. 


  • Top speed is more than enough to save your time
  • It has an auto air- cooling system.
  • It has hydraulic suspension.


  • Drum brake at the rear wheel.
  • Storage capacity is a bit low compared to other Scooters.


If you observe, this durable 50cc bike contains suspension on both the side. The front side has Hydraulic suspension. And the rear side has Hydraulic spring suspension. This suspension will make you feel easy riding over terrain surfaces.

Moreover, you will not feel any kind of pain in your back part of the body while riding over up and down surfaces. The transmission is CVI automatic and Belt drive. Its weight is 275 pounds and is street legal. Besides, it has headlight and taillight for night travel. So, this Scooter will give you so much thrilling in your whole journey. 

5. Tao-Tao EVO 50

One of the most strong and sleek Scooters you can ever know is Tao-Tao Evo 50. From its top to bottom everything looks amazing and the beauty is unspeakable. The first thing you need to know about it is the fuel reservoir. Its fuel consumption is very high. So, you can ride a long distance with its powerful 50 cc engine. You will be happy to know that the gas avails 100 miles per gallon. It will save you a huge cost.

Of course,Tao-Tao EVO 50 bike will be reliable for you as it saves the most important thing in your life which is the time. The average speed of this moped is 25mph. Now, you see the benefit which you will get from this one. With a huge reservoir fuel tank you can travel anywhere you want within less time. So, the decision holds on to you.

Moreover, you can ride this type of Scooter anywhere without hesitation in any state. Make sure that you are register to the moped bikes. If you want to take your belongings along with you then no need to worry about it. Tao-Tao EVO 50 bike has a large storage facility underneath the seat.

You can also observe a rear storage container at the back of it. The storage below the seat is large enough to carry your things. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. This is the highest load any Scooter can carry. Not only that, but it can also hold another adult. So, two adults can ride with lots of comfort. 


  • Due to a huge reservoir of fuel one can travel a long distance without any trouble.
  • Huge space to carry ones belonging.
  • Costing on gas is very low


  • Drum brakes on the rear wheel do not work as better you thought.
  • Always need to keep precautions while pausing it.
  • Need to assemble


This Scooter contains two types of brake. The front-wheel has a hydraulic brake and the rear wheel has drum brake. The rim is of Alloy and its dimension is “2.5 × 12 / 2.5 × 12”. The dimension of the both front and rear wheels are 120/70-12 and 120/70-12. The deck area is broad enough to keep your feet at ease.

Due to hydraulic brake you can ride at ease over terrain surfaces. The gap between deck and ground area is 4.33 inches. No need to worry about height. The height of the seat is 27 inches. So, this Scooter seems perfect in every way you look at.

Best 50cc Scooters Buying Guides

When you’re going to buy 50cc scooters or mopeds or bikes what ever you call then you’ll need to follow some topic to select the best 50cc bikes. Here we list all of the topic below.

1. Engine Power and Speed

If you observe our reviews you will find that the average speed of most of the Scooters varies from 25-35mph. But you also need to know that they are chain-driven. Any vehicles above 50 cc need to register under each state for riding. Above 50 cc is almost like riding a motorbike. But the moped 50 cc Scooter are not bikes.

So, make sure you collect the moped license with-n your state. It is best to choose Scooter whose average speed is above 30mph. As, the chances of accidents may reduce. But for travelling long distances within a short period of time, it would better to look at 35+mph speed. Moreover, with that speed you can carry another person at your back. This may reduce your speed to 30mph which is enough in consuming less time.

2. Design and features

Every model has a unique design with lots of features. In most case you will observe that most of the Scooters frame is of aluminum steel. It is better to choose a mixed version for durability. The Scooters with Slim body would be perfect to ride because you can handle them. The Wheels which are of aluminum are very reliable to use.

Aluminum wheels make the body of the Scooter light. As a result, you can move your Scooter. Then they look more polished than a steel frame. The frictional noise produces while riding on terrain surfaces will be very low. Due to faster movement you can save your fuel consumption. 

3. Brakes and Safety

Most of the cases you will find out that the front brakes are disc and the rear brakes are drums. The drum brakes are mechanical brakes. It ensures one’s safety. So, you must check any Scooter with rear drum brakes works or not.

Talking about safety every Scooter has an electric and a kick start. In case your battery fails you can use either any one of them to run the engine. So, these things need to be check before buying any moped Scooter.

4. Load Capacity

Not all the Scooter can run fast while carrying two riders. Some of them lack carrying more than one person. It is better to check on those Scooters which can carry loads more than 250 lbs.

Besides, you need to also check how much speed do a Scooter reduces while carrying two persons. If it is below 20mph and the weight limit is up to 169lbs then you should not look for those at all. It will waste your money. Do not judge a Scooter by seeing its own weight. Remember that a 200lbs weight Scooter can even carry loads more than 270lbs weight. 

5. License and Insurance

Here do not get confused with bikes and Scooters. A moped will always be a Scooter even it runs on a 50 cc powerful engine. Many of us do not buy vehicles for the fear of insurance. Buying bikes and cars will cost you a huge amount of insurance.

Moped and Scooter have insurance policy and it is also street legal. But one needs to register a moped license under a particular state before buying it. Without a license card, you are illegal to run it on the streets

Hope you guys enjoyed the honest review. If you have any confusion or question then don’t forget to comments below. We will try to give a correct answer about the best 50cc scooters. Thank you.

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