Best Electric Scooter for Teenager

The concept of the best electric scooter for teenagers has now become a common thing in people’s minds. It is more renowned to the kids of teenage. The up-growing teenagers of this era are nothing without a scooter.

Now, every teenager has more or less knowledge about the type of bike. Technology has to outbreak everything with its comfort zone. It has made it easier for everyone. The term electric with the bike came due to the implementation of the technology.

Through e-scooters, one can ride and park where ever one wishes. It has no traffic signals. Electric scooter suits both boys and girls. With this little knowledge, one can choose an electric bike as the best guide for them. Let us look at some best electric scooter for teenagers.

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

razor e300 electric scooter image

For a leisure ride around your quarter, Razor E300 is one of the most suitable and comfortable Scooter for all ages (based on self-proclivity) not only because of the technology used but also for its large frame and deck, extra broad tires and of course its speed. For its blazing colors, it represents a practical enchanting to the teenage generations.

 The top speed of Razor E300 reaches 15 mph with a noiseless motor running through the engine. One can run this Razor E300 for about 45 minutes which ranges to 9-10 miles.

It supports up to 220 lbs weight and it is weighted 22 lbs but, since one uses it for leisure activities, one needs not to lift it. It has a twist grip so that one can manage to speed up quickly. 

Features of Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Motor: The power of the motor is 250watt with high-torque. It is single-speed. The type of the motor is chain-driven which allows the motor to gear up at most 15mph speed.

Battery: The type of cell is lead-acid and rechargeable. The battery is 24V (12V each). It runs at a nonstop of 60 minutes.  

Tires: The size of the tires is 9” (229mm). It has pneumatic front and rear tires which helps the older riders riding in rough surfaces, making it smoother.

Brake: The brake is hand-operated along with a rear brake and retractable kickstand. The hand-operated brake is on the left side of the handlebar so that the user can quickly slow down or stop.

Moreover, for safety, the razor has a system that whenever one pulls the brake, the power to the motor cuts down which results in the scooter to a safe stop.

Frame and Fork: All the structures and fork are of steel which gives a rider a reliable ride, and one can use it on uneven surfaces.

2. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

razor e200 electric scooter
Razor e200 electric scooter for teenager


There occurs a massive race between the buyers and sellers for buying the best-rated motorbike. It occurs in the summer season. So, the companies do not stop producing new toys for the kids and also for adults. One of the top leading brand razors has also bought a new electric Scooter with some extra features.

The word electric hits everyone’s mind. The kids get confused about which one to choose. The parents get a bit worried. They find difficulty in finding the proper review. Well, if you are reading it, you won’t get worried.

The Razor E200 electric two-wheeler came in the market with its different features. Everyone comes with a complaint about battery life for teenager electric scooter. But e200 has made the battery life one hour after initial charging of 12 hours.

The most crucial point is that one should not charge it for more than 24 hours. Due to overcharge, it will create damage in 12 V sealed lead-acid battery.

Moreover, if the weight of the rider is light, it can run max up to 20mph on average 15mph. The assembly of this bike doesn’t need much time. This two-wheeler does not require any kick-off start as it bumps up after getting started.

Most of the parents fear their child riding this two-wheeler in a grass or drift area, but this scooter has the capability of slowing down when it rides over grass or drift area. Looking for safety, the deck itself is a vast area and a reachable handle-bars with lots of comfort zones.

Main Features of Razor E200

  • Motor: The discharging capacity of battery life is for one hour. This only happens for 12 hours of charging. The battery system contains 24 V sealed (12 V each) battery, which of lead-acid and also rechargeable. It also includes a battery charger. The motor is of high torque, and the system is chain driven. 
  • Wheel: The size of the front and back wheel both are of 8 inches with air-filled in it. It helps the rider to ride smoothly on rush surfaces. The rear wheel gives a smooth bump to the rider on up and down surfaces. 
  • Deck: If you look at the top and bottom areas, the whole frame is of steel. The area around the full-size deck is much vast and easy to expand. The forks are full of iron. The handle-bars are easy to adjust. The total dimension is 37” x 16” x 42”.
  • Brake: The rear brake is of twisted grip, which allows the rider control over it. It also helps to control the acceleration of the teenage scooter. The brake is hand operated. It also has a retractable kickstand.

3. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

razor e100 electric scooter

The most popular and top leading brand, the razor has bought another best e-scooter for teens named as Razor E100. The name electric has made today’s new scooter trendy. And for the kids, it’s comes with brilliant features. 

The motor does not need any maintenance due to the in-hub system. Want to know more? The full frame is made of steel. It is sturdy and durable. The pro riders had ensured its hardness.

The Motor of this Razor E100 is of high speed. This E100 is best for the ride lovers as every feature of it will definitely give them thrilling. It includes a lot of safety features. 

This electric scooter gives the rider a feeling about riding a bike. It can also be folded up easily. So, it is also easy to carry. Moving on to its design and attraction no eyes can remain away for a long time.

The style and multi-color attract the teenagers. It is mainly for those who are going to hit their teenage age. So, let’s have a look at its amazing features.

Features Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Motor: The motor is of 100watt. The motor automatically gives a lick to start the engine. The motor rotates with high torque. The system of the motor is chain-driven.

Battery: The battery is of 24 volts (12 V on both sides). It is sealed. The type of battery is lead-acid. The battery is rechargeable and remains for 2 hours after continuous usage.

Wheel: The front-wheel dimension is 8.0 inches and made of steel. It’s a pneumatic tire. The back Wheel is of Urethane. The rear-wheel-drive for fraction and control.

Age: This Razor E100 is suitable for the kids of age over 7. The teenagers and adults can also ride it for its attraction.

4. Pulse Performance Electric scooter for Teens

pulse performance electric scooter image


Every company has its uniqueness. Their creativity makes them a brand. Like all other famous brands, Pulse Performance Products is also a renowned brand. Those who are new to buying teenager electric scooters do not miss this out.

This Pulse Performance GRT- 11 comes with a creative feature. The model GRT-11 is a lovely, stylish, and right looking, e-scooter. Those who want to go from regular scoot to electric scooter then this Pulse Performance GRT-11 is definitely for you.

Curious to know about it? Well, The GRT-11 comes with a motor of 80 Watt power, which allows the rider to ride up to 50 minutes. The whole body is of steel and comes with final body shape.

The handlebars are easy to adjust. The dimension of the GRT- 11 is 31 “L x 18 “W x 35 “H. Pulse Performance GRT- 11 is for above eight years old kids. It can lift up to 120 lbs weight. It has a sticky taped grip, which helps the child to hold the handlebars with safety.

It has a unique device situated on the right side of the handlebars. The tool supports the rider to actuate the power system of the scooter. This cutout switch helps whenever the brake is not engaged. It also includes a power converter for recharging.

There is also an LED light as an indicator of safety measures. The wheels are of polyurethane with A.B.E.C-5 bearings that help the rider to ride smoothly. It has a single section compound deck.

The top speed of this Pulse Performance is eight mph. The rider needs to push a little bit while starting the motor of this teens scooter. The steel frame provides extra protection and durability. The deck makes the kids feel uncomfortable.

Main Features of Pulse Performance

  • Motor: The power of the engine is 80 watts, and it can run up to 8 mph. The battery is 24 V, each of 12 V sealed. The type of cell is lead-acid. The battery runs up to 50 minutes, which is a good sign for the riders who are beginners. The battery needs only 12 hours to get a full charge. The system of the motor is the durable chain drive.
  • Wheel: The dimensions of the wheel is “140 mm x 30 mm”. The wheels are of polyurethane and have A.B.E.C-5 bearings, which gives a rider a clear and smooth ride.
  • Deck: The frame and fork constructed are of steel. The design looks extreme with a broader layer. The handlebars are comfortable to adjust and have a small device on the left grip. One can use the left thumb to use the tool for controlling power. It helps one to make a safe and quick brake.
  • Brake: This Pulse Performance contains an integrated foot brake. Rather than that, the rear brake of the teenage scooter is also a great feature. It also has a retractable kickstand.

5. Swagger Pro Foldable Electric Scooter for Teens

swagger pro scooter image


Day by day, the companies are getting innovative minded. They are thinking of more creative ideas about the scooter. They are thinking of making the motorcycle more suitable and time-consuming. One of them is Swagger Pro Foldable Electric Scooter.

If you look at its speed, the Swagger Pro runs 24 km/h positioned in the front wheel. The motor is 250 watts. One can also change its gear from 1 to 2. The Swagger Pro is lightweight and easy to carry. It also has a folding option.

This scooter can lift a weight of 20-113 kg and adjustable to a height of 130-200 cm. So, it is excellent for the heavy weighted people. Looking at its ranges, it can cover up to 24 km. But considering different obstacles, ups, and downs, rough areas, it can travel a max distance of 11-14 km.

As it consumes a lot of watts, the life of battery along with charging is capable enough. It is durable. The battery charges within 1.5 hours and runs 500-1000 charges per cycle. That means you need to charge it for a long ride often. The battery also has some great features. To make it even clear, you need to give two times charging per day as it discharges so fast.

The mainframe is carbon. The design matches nothing. One can not even pass it without looking through it. The quick folding mechanism makes everyone carry it at ease. One can transport or store it. The dimension is 92 x 40.5 x 100 cm. You can also climb at an angle of 20 degrees. The two modes of gear help the rider to adjust their speed. Why are you waiting? Go for it then.

Features of Swagger Pro Foldable Electric Scooter

  • Motor: The powerful long-running motor gives 250-watt power to this Swagger Pro. It enables one to run 14.2 miles per charge. If you look at a different view, this motor runs the scooter 15 mph. Not only that, but it can also run on a curved surface of a max 25 degrees. So, this is one of the best engines for riding one of the best scooters.
  • Wheel: Though the wheel sizes are small, it will provide a smooth motion on the plane surface. The dimensions of the wheel are 5 inches, which is one of the smallest tires. Looking at its tires, it looks excellent while riding on it. Though in this case, the uneven sizes do not matter at all as it is providing gear changing ability.
  • Deck: If you see, the whole frame is of carbon fiber. The option of putting different colors on it looks very attractive. If you Look at its body, this Swagger Pro contains a USB port, and a back light led display. Moreover, it has a headlight that helps one in dark surfaces.
  • Brake: The Swagger Pro has a perfect brake on the rear side with excellent suspension capability. It has a dual brake system. Not every teenager scooter has a front side brake. But this Swagger Pro has a front electric brake, which helps the rider to stop with a slow pause in any situation. This Swagger Pro ensures safety by upgrading its brakes. Thus makes it unique from other scooters.

6. GOTRAX GXL V2 Commuting Scooter

gotrax glx electric scooter image


Here comes another transport with the highest watt engine. The GOTRAX brand has come up with GXL Version-2, which is one of the best teenage electric scooter one has ever known. The technology has upgraded scooter from zero to pro.

It has a motor of 250 watts with a range capability of 15.5 mph that runs about 12 miles on a single battery. This Gotrax GXL V-2 is manufactured with a shiny, wireless design.

Every time you arrive in a different look with this scooter. Not only for its durability, but its distinct looks made it famous. Those who are looking for traveling this is the best electric scooter for teenager that you are seeking. Its frame allows a weight of 220 lbs.

The folding ability is quick and smooth. It also has a double gear switching. The LED gives you proper maintenance of time and speed. The main and the most peak part is that this scooter is affordable. So, those who have a low budget can try out this one. Let us look at its features. 

Features of GOTRAX GXL V2 Commuter Scooter

  • Motor: The engine gets a full power of 250 watts, which is the probable highest power among all the scooters. The battery is lithium-ion and rechargeable. The speed of this Gotrax GXL V-2 is 15.5 mph. With a single charge, it can travel 12 miles on average. The battery gets a quick charge within 4 hours. 
  • Wheel: The pneumatic wheels are 8.5 inches. This type of tiers makes a scooter best for traveling. This scooter is only for traveling from one place to another, not only that it helps you to ride smooth and with safety. Not only that, but it also gives you comfort in rush surfaces.
  • Deck: The full-frame is of carbon fiber. Colour attaches its body looks great. This whole frame can carry a weight of 220 lbs. So, it is also suitable for adults. The finishing blue color gives an attractive look to the scooter. One can fold the frame can at a glance, which helps anyone in traveling.
  • Brake: This type of scooter has two brakes on handlebars. The back-sided brake is disk type. The responsive dual brake helps one for a sudden stop. The brakes are easy and comfortable to use. Both the disk is of metal. The brake activates from a brake lever. The brakes manufactured are for a quick response.

7. Jetson Tempo Electric Scooter

jetson tempu scooter image


Nowadays, kids are looking for a new ride. So, here Jetson gives you the best electric scooters for teens, which is of-course a safe bike for the kids. Have you heard about the kick brand? Well, this Jetson tempo can convert to electricity from an average kick scooter.

If you look from top to bottom, it is reliable to use. The deck of this etson tempo is quite broad, and the handlebars are easy to use.  If you look at its safety precaution, etson tempo has a rear-foot brake, which helps one to stop at any time. 

What are you waiting for? Level up your fun. The motor is a motion sensor. One needs to kick from the outer side before the start. The battery is good enough and can make the scooter run a max of 6 miles.

The frame is durable, and the handlebar is stationary. If you are new to scoot, then this Jetson tempo is best electric scooter for the kids above eight years old. The dimension of this setson tempo is 30″ x 13.3″ x 36.2″. Let us have a look at its features.

Features of Jetson Tempo Electric Scooter

  • Motor: The engine gives a power of 80 watts. The battery is 12 volts. The type of cell is lithium-ion. The max speed of this scooter is nine mph. With a single charge, it can run a max range of 6 miles. The charging capacity is quite quick and smooth. The motor is a chain system.
  • Wheel: The tiers are of rubber. The front wheel is 5.5 inches, and the back wheel is 5.7 inches. It has a retractable kickstand. One can ride with smooth feelings on a plane surface. The scooter is also comfortable on rough, uneven surfaces.
  • Deck: If you Look at its whole body, the full-frame is of steel. The frame is durable. The handlebar is easy to adjust. One can race a track with its stainless steel. The whole scooter looks attractive. So, one can ride safely around the park.
  • Brake: The brakes are easy to adjust. The rear foot brake helps one to stop the scooter from a sudden speed. Jetson tempo has a system of changing the gear. The user can change the speed up to 9 mph. The category of the brake is E-type.

8. Overwhelming Upgrade E120

overwhelming upgrade e120 scooter image

Many of us are looking for a proper electric scooter. What do you mean by proper? The word is not proper. It is near to suitable. Well, Overwhelming Upgrade E120 contains the meaning of your word in its name.

Of-course all scooters are good at their range. Customers find the best, which are adjustable along with its unique characteristics. Both quality and quantity matter a lot. Well, E120 came up with not unique characteristics but also in its comfort zone. 

Moreover, you can fold the seat and ride by standing on it. This scooter has a 2-way riding system. The battery is of 24 Volt. You can run a max of 60 minutes’ time with it. It’s best for riding in the park or neighborhood.

One can change the speed of the scooter by using the grip on handlebars. The max speed one can run ten mph, which is so thrilling for the kids. It does not need any kick to start. So, what holds you? Let us look briefly at its features.

Features of Overwhelming Upgrade E120

  • Motor: The motor gets the power of 140 watts for running this scooter. The battery used is 12 volt each. One can ride up to 60 minutes in a single charge. The recharging capacity is quite fast and easy to use. For the kids above six years old, the speed is enough to make fun.
  • Wheel: The tiers are of rubber. The airless rubber tier is suitable in any kind of rough surfaces. Not only that, but you can use this tier for doing races. Most of the kids will get comfortable riding this scooter. The wheels need no maintenance. Do not get scared about the puncture of a tier. The manufacturer has made it for safety.
  • Deck: The body contains a two-way ride system. The handlebars are easy to adjust. One can fold the body at a glance. Folding the frame with fast timing enables one to carry the scooter from one place to another. It has a retractable kickstand. The height of the seat is also adjustable. One can remove the seat if not needed.
  • Brake: One can control the brake from the handlebars. The rear brake is hand operated, which helps one to stop at a plain. This safety brake helps the kid from falling on a sudden stop. The activation of the brake shuts the power of the motor. 

9. Razor Pocket Mod

razor pocket mod scooter image


What are we looking for? Again, the razor has come up with a small version of an electric moped. The brand has now become common all over the markets.

Your expectation has limits, but razor has taken a challenge to cross your limit. What more can you think of a perfect teenage scooter? Well, the razor itself is perfect. They are trying to help you think about a more attractive feature of any scooter. 

How high do your kids want to run this scooter? Well, your kids can run this scooter at a speed of 15 mph, which is Of-course a thrilling ride. The battery is a lead-acid system with a 24 volt each.

One can run this for about 40 minutes at random after a single charge. Did we forget something? The Razor pocket euro electric scooter also has an engine of 250 watts power. Besides, its attraction limits no bound. This moped is for doing fashion around the neighborhood. It can carry a weight of 150 lbs. Let us have a brief look at its features. 

Features of Razor Pocket Euro

  • Motor: The motor of this Razor Pocket Euro has a max power of 250 watts. The battery is lead-acid with 24 volts each. On a single charge, one can ride at a max speed of 15 mph. Not only that, but one can also use it at random for about 40 minutes. 
  • Wheel: The pneumatic tires are great for the riders. It helps a lot on bumpy surfaces. The wheels are 12 inches in dimension. The tiers are large enough to feel one comfortable over rough surfaces. Nothing to tell about riding on smooth surfaces because it’s a common thing everybody knows. 
  • Deck: The scooter has a wider space in the feet area. The full-frame is of durable steel with a retractable kickstand. One can keep it standstill as the kickstand is on both sides. Are you looking for a ride in the night area? This scooter has a front-light, which helps a lot to ride during the night. 
  • Brake: The brakes are easy to use. One can use the brakes from the grips of the handlebars. The brakes system is smooth. If you are at high speed, do not worry about losing the brake. There is a switch on the handlebar, which by switching on, will shut the motor down and slows the scooter. 

10. VIRO Rides 550E

viro ride 550e scooter image


Everybody has to select their destination. So, travel to your path with VIRO Rides 550E Electric scooter. These top-level performance scooters feature a unique art with advanced technology. Tools are for your easy assembly, along with the capability of racing 10 miles.

You can ride, on average, 40 minutes with an initial boost of 6-miles range. The tiers are of polyurethane. The durable layers can handle the bumpy road with a great run through.

What is holding you back? Riding on it will make everyone jealous because of its attractive color. The full-frame is Aluminum steel. This scooter is best for those who are above eight years old.

The kids love attractive scooters. The max height of the handlebar is 35.25 inches. The VIRO Rides 550E requires no assembly. The estimated charge time is 12 hours. Let us have a look at its fantastic features.

Features of VIRO Rides 550E

  • Motor: The motor is chain-driven. The max power of this motor is 100 watts. The max speed of this scooter is 10 miles per hour. The battery is lead-acid and of 12 Volt. The cruising range is 6 miles. So, the speed and engine performance are good enough for the kids of ages 8. The battery charge life is 40 minutes.
  • Wheel: The tiers are of polyurethane. The diameter of the wheel is 175 mm. The structure of the wheel helps the rider to run the scooter on terrain roads. The wheel can carry a weight of 120 pounds. The wheels are also safe from getting punctured. 
  • Deck: The full-frame is of aluminum steel. The deck is large enough for the kids. The led light below the deck gives an attractive look to the scooter. The handlebars are easy to adjust. The twisted grips are swift for changing the acceleration of the motor.
  • Brake: The brakes are almost great performance. It has a hand-activated rear brake, which helps the rider to push a smooth stop. The rear brake performs the best braking performance. The hand-operated front brake helps the rider to shut down the power.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Scooter

Now you can feel the excitement of riding bikes or cars in an electric scooter. An electric scooter has now become a trend in every part of the world.

Buying Cars or Bikes may cost a lot, but buying motorcycles will save a vast amount of money. With the help of an electric scooter, you can travel from one area to another as you do by cars or bikes. 

It does not consume fuel or gas. Charging doesn’t even matter a lot. This scooter charges with-n less than 3 hours. But many of us are new when buying it. Do not worry. Here, you will find a proper guideline about choosing an electric scooter.

This guide contains a brief about the budgets, quality, and quantity. Let us check out how to select and buy the best electric scooter from the market. 


Before looking at the price, make your budget. If you have finished creating a budget, then look at the price and place a category to your budget.

If your budget is less than 300 dollars (<300$), then hope for the regular scooters. This category scooters includes low power performance and low life battery. The brakes are also regular without gear options.

This type of scooter is best for riding in the yard area for 30 minutes. If your budget is with-n 300$ to 600$, then you will look for a budget commuter scooter. 

These scooters are best for traveling short distances. You will get a balanced performance in every feature an teenage electric scooter holds. But if your budget increases up to 1200$, then you will look for a premium commuting scooter.

Those scooters will be of-course far better than the previous scooters. Are you looking for the scooters above 1200$? Those are of high performance with a larger motor and long battery life. They also have a quick charging capacity and so on. So, make your choice according to your budgets. 

Wheels and Range

Before choosing, you need to think when and where you will use the scooter. There are two types of tiers. One is pneumatic tires(air-filled), and the other one is airless tires. The pneumatic tire is best at shock absorption. They have better handling of bad situations or weather. On the other side, airless tires need less maintenance than pneumatic.

 On a hard surface, there is a risk of getting a puncture on using pneumatic tires. But pneumatic tier gives a smooth ride on a plane surface. The air-less tires need no maintenance and can ride on terrain surfaces. Moreover, the pneumatic tires need to be air-filled on low pressure.


The weight of an electric scooter is necessary to know if you want to carry them all the time. Many high range scooters weigh more than 30 lbs. You must be careful because carrying a weight over 30 kg is not a matter of joke. The scooter in the middle price range is light in size. 

So, it is better to buy a light-weight scooter for teenagers because it will help them a lot. With the device of light weighted, you can carry it over stairs in a lift or class. But the heavyweight scooter contains a powerful motor, a long battery life, and so on.

Please do not get confused about which one to choose as both of them are good enough. It is your wish that you want to carry it or not. If you don’t wish to carry it, then you can park them as both of the scooters have an amazing retractable kickstand.

Top Speed

Speed is also one of the main factors in choosing the scooters. High-speed scooters consume a lot of charges from the battery. Now, riding at a velocity of 15-18 miles per hour is fast enough. The commuter scooter travels at 15 mph, which is good enough. 

So, it would be best if you did not discourage yourself while thinking of buying a scooter based on speed. Now, every electric scooter can run the engine at 15 mph. There are also scooters between the ranges of 10-12 miles per hour. It’s your choice which one to buy.

Motor Power

Starting from 200 watts, the power of the motor goes to 6270 watts in most of the electric scooters. Those who like traveling with a scooter should look with more than 300 watts. Below 300 watts, it’s very tough to travel a short distance. 

If you want to ride a long distance, then you should look at the scooter of motor power with more than 500 watts and so on. So, selecting the power feature depends on your ride. If you commute daily, then it is wise enough to select a motor power of 500 watts and above. 

Suspensions and Brake

For commuting long distances, if you face the roughest road, then the suspension is a must. The airless tires need a suspension. Without suspension, it would not be effortless for a rider to ride for a more extended period.

So, you should select a scooter that has suspension on the front or rear wheels. Now, the most scooter has suspension on both the wheels. Another central part of a scooter is the brake. Without it, a scooter is not complete at all. It ensures one’s safety. 

There are four categories of brakes. These are Electric and Regenerative brake, foot brake, the drum brake, disc brake. Electric and Regenerative brakes do not work at a speed of 15 mph or more. Foot brake works but it’s not so smooth. There remains a fear of getting injured. 

The drum and disk brake are the best brakes. The drum brakes manufactured are inside the hub of a wheel. Same for the disc brakes. But disc brake performs better and confirms the safety brake under the high speed of the scooter. You will find the disc brakes costly. So, choose before buying.


Are you looking for an electric scooter that has a good replacement part? Well, your thinking is wrong. If you want to replace any parts of an electric scooter, you need to send the scooter to the manufacturer. It is wise to repair your scooter by learning from any online sources.

 But that does not mean you make the parts by yourself. You only need to order the desired parts and join them. There is always an option for you if you do not want to repair it by yourself. You need to ensure the replacement warranty before buying it from any seller.

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