10 Best Kids Kick Scooters | Best Toddler Scooters

Kids love riding on Scooter. It gives them much more thrill than video games. Moreover, riding two-wheel is also a part of an exercise. So, choosing the best Scooter for kids will be good for them. Here we’ve listed 10 best toddler scooters. Let’s have a look!

1. Razor A3

It seems like now, at present, the scooter has become a trend for the kids. The parents are searching for the best kids scooter. Razor has come out with a classified model named as Razor A3. The model has out gone most of the models, though every model of razor has its own quality. 

razor a3 scooter image

So, the question arises, why is it different from others? Is it the quality or the brand? Of-course the brand comes first but its quality is a breakthrough. Now come to the point, what are the special parts that make this scooter unique? Nowadays people want more feedback from an object. 

This scooter for beginners will be a bit tough to ride. But this Razor A3 has modified itself to ensure the comfort zone for the beginner. The material used is aluminium and the frame is full of steel. The comfort zone of this scooter is much more than others. 

The folding system has made it easier for the riders to carry it easily. The kids are able to carry it due to its light-weight, but adult recommendation is must. The fender brake used in the back part of it gives the rider a smooth brake. One can easily  decelerate using his or her foot. The Razor A3 is so tough to break down. The scooter is used even after one grows up. 

The handle-bars are adjustable and can be used by teenage people. So, let’s not fear the height. The wheels are larger in size. So, the rider will feel very much easier on rough surfaces. Come to its stability, the construction is durable and the body is light-weighted. Looking at its dazzling body there creates a glow to the riders for its own style. 

The Razor A3 scooter itself is a style. Its multi-colour attracts most of the kids and also teenage people. So, what more do you want? This scooter is best for the kids of ages above 5. What are you waiting for? Those who are new don’t get confused with the selection. This scooter is for those whose parents have kids above 5 years old. So, let’s have a look at its amazing features. 

Features of Razor A3 Toddler Scooter

  • Material: The material used is Aluminum. The whole frame is of stainless steel.
  • Dimension: The dimensions are 28.0 inches x 12.4 inches x 32.0 inches.
  • Brake: The brake at the rear side is fender type.
  • Handle-bars: The adjustable handle-bar has the most height of 32.0 inches and a least of 23.5 inches.
  • Wheel: The front and back wheel both are 125 mm in diameter. The wheel durometer is 97-A and the bearing type is ‘A.B.E.C.-5’ The material used for manufacturing wheels is Urethane. The Wheelbase is 23.5 inches.
  • Deck: The dimension of the deck is 19.5 inches x 3.6 inches.
  • Grips: The grips are covered with foam and are very easy to control.
  • Downtube: The downtube is folding type. So, it creates easier to carry for the riders.
  • Assembly: There required no tool for assembling.
  • Weight: It can carry max 143lb.
  • Age: This scooter is suitable for the kids of ages above 5. But sometimes adults get attracted to this kind of scooter.

2. Lascoota Toddler Scooter with Dual Suspension

lascoota toddler scooter image

When you’re looking for Toddler Scooter, you should keep finding one small and folding. They looked like they are about to outgrow them. Lascoota Scooter is one of them not only for the height and weight specifications spot on for your babies to use it for years to come but the price is also right as well.

Assembly is virtually non-existent, add the wheels and go for a ride. You will like the strap for if you kids had to carry this on their back as well. The fold mechanism takes a little finesse, but you will surprise that need to get used to it. The main fact of the Lascoota can folds up at all is a significant benefit.

The Lascoota seems very substantial and durable. It came with a basket that attaches to the front for easy carry, something that’s another advantage. It rolls smoothly. Your babies will learn all about it but have been zooming around the house on it. It seems well built and came assembled except for clicking in the handlebars and unfolding it. You can store it pretty much anywhere you want. There are no require tools for it. I think it will see lots of use and I would highly recommend it.

Specifications and Features of Lascoota:

  • Sturdy Aluminum & Steel build body
  • Comfortable Rubber Grips on the handlebar
  • Front and Back Wheels are big enough
  • Easily Adjustable Handlebar
  • Front suspension and Back Foot Brake
  • Easy to Carry, Lightweight, and Folding Design. This Toddler Scooter is well made with high-quality materials to deliver fun for years without skipping a beat.


  • The folding isn’t difficult, but keep the folding lever lubricated.
  • There’s a little rattle as you ride, which is moderately annoying.


  • Large wheels and enough space
  • Shocks are ok and a little bit different from old Razor.
  • No plate deflection.

3. Razor A5 LUX

razor a5 lux scooter image

Razor A5 LUX Scooter This is another kid’s Scooter. Most YouTube videos depict it being used by tweens or teens. It is plenty of height adjustability to allow your kids to use. Solid Build Quality. Aluminium welds a neat and quite good. The grip tape on the deck seems as though it will last.

Durability seems to be improved with the big wheels, and this Razor A5 LUX is more tolerant of small obstacles while riding. The larger wheels roll right over a sidewalk bump, twig, hose, or other small obstruction as well that would bring a smaller wheeled scooter to a sudden crashing stop. I’m confident this Razor A5 LUX will last for a couple of years without any bad experience.

Main Features of Razor A5 Lux Scooter

  • Recommended for ages 8 and older;
  • 220-pound weight capacity
  • Foldable Design
  • Aluminum T-tube frame and deck


  • Greater performance on bumpy roads and rough pavement
  • Patented rear fender brake for quick stops;

4. Hikole Scooter for Kids

hikole scooter image

This Hikole Scooter is simple to fold, lightweight, and super easy to carry around when not in use . The max weight is 220 pounds. it’s a sturdy model. it’s created to last long. The mudguard will assist you to protect it from any splashes and additionally the brakes once you retain your foot thereon.

When your babies are riding on rain, otherwise you hit a mud patch, you’re good to travel. Enough big wheels, so it makes up the foremost critical component because they go to stop from all the beating during your rides. If you are going to shop for a scooter whose tires are sturdy enough for any splashes, then this product is extremely recommended for you.

Features and Specifications of Hikole scooter for kids:

  • Front and Rear Dual Suspension
  • Extra-large Urethane Wheels
  • Wide Deck for Foot
  • Easy Folding within Three Seconds
  • Height Adjustable Handlebar
  • Rear Fender Brake


  • Enough big wheels
  • Easy to fold
  • Adjustable Height,

5. Razor A kids Scooter

razor a kids scooter

Razor A is easy to fold up but small enough that you don’t even need to fold it to put it in the car. Your babies will like it that it comes in different colours so your kids can easily choose one. It’s a height-adjustable scooter, and over 140lbs can easily ride it too.

I think it will last a while. I’m hoping that as soon as your kid gets comfortable with their balance on the Scooter. You can transfer that to riding your kids without training wheels.

Specifications of Razor A

  • Made with sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Patented t-tube and deck design
  • 98 mm inline-style
  • Rear fender brake for Quick stops
  • Ages 5+ Recommended


  • Lightweight and easy to carry for kids
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Good looking foldable design

6. S SKIDEE Scooter for Kid

s skidee scooter image

Maybe you haven’t seen any other scooters with the optional pull-down sea like skidee. The LED lights bring a super cute look. The handlebars adjust Two kids can sit and scoot around on their own.

Older children can ride as fast as they want by fold the seat. Before scootering, make sure your children are wearing a helmet. The seat is best suitable for children the ages of 2 years-6 years.

Features of S Skidee Scooter:

  • Adjustable Multidirectional Seat
  • Extra Wide Deck
  • Designed for Any Age
  • The weight limit for the seat – 44lbs and for the S Skidee – 11lbs


  • When the seat’s down, kids can safely sit it. And as they grow, by folding seat older kids can scoot easily. And since the seat folds up, it’s also hassle-free to use.
  • Scooters have 3 wheels and back wheel braking control for safety.
  • Help your kids to balance at an early age with lean-to-turn steering as well as this toddler scooter is the perfect way for toddlers to learn balancing on 2-wheels.

Buying Guide for Best Kids Kick Scooters

When you’re going to buy kids scooters you have to know something about them.

The most important part of seeing the toddler Scooters are the brakes. Always choose the two wheels with smoother and safety brakes. You must ensure that the brakes do work during the emergency.

Going to the wheels, a four or three-wheeler is better for new kids. But if your babies are grown enough then a 2-wheeler is worth enough to try. Talking enough speed is all onto the decision of your child.

It will be better to ride first with medium speed Scooters. But if it’s a matter of riding for School then you can choose a high speed one. The Scooter must be tough enough to carry weight more than your child’s weight.

But on the other side, it must be light-weight so that they can carry it to their classroom. The deck must be wide enough for the kids to place their feet in a proper way. Most of the three-wheelers have a broad deck.

You must choose the Scooters adjusting with the height of your kids. Choosing wrong height handlebars may lead them to an accident. The grips must be rubbery and plain. All these properties need ensuring for their safety.

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