Best motorized stand-up Scooter reviews

Segway Ninebot ES4 electric stand-up scooter

Segway Ninebot ES4 electric stand-up scooter

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric motorized stand up Scooter is a very functional and good-looking scooter. Long-life battery and excellent performance. This one outlasted better than any other scooter. The ride is just ok. On a smooth road, it works fine. Very clear, powerful headlight and taillights. They work excellently while ride at night.

Adjusted multicolour lights under the deck work cool, and you will enjoy your riding. The brakes overall work nicely. This Scooter goes about 25 mph smoothly, even with being at the weight limit.


• Powerful LED Front and Rear Light that will help you to ride in low light condition safely

• Front and Rear Wheel Shock Absorption

• Maximum riding comfort user experience.

• Large Solid Tires for easy balance and smooth ride

• Easy maintenance without any harassment.

• Mechanical and Electrical Brakes for effective braking safety.

1. Question: What’s the max weight limit?

Answer: Max weight is up to 220lbs.

2. Question: What is the front wheel size?

Answer:8 inches

3. Question: How long does the charge coverage?

Answer: It depends on your weight, but 25-30 miles can ride.

NANROBOT D4+ Pro heavy-duty scooter

NANROBOT D4+ Pro motorized stand up Scooter comes with the 10-inch tire is measured to the diameter of the outside of the wheel, yet it sits on an 8-inch rim. If you want to switch the speedometer from km to mph, you will need to change the diameter of the wheel from six to eight inches for a correct reading in speed. The scooter is quite fast. You can carve on this Scooter at 60 lb with its 10inch tires.

The weight of it will give you a lot of stability on asphalt and dirt grass mud gravel, and you will enjoy while riding.


• Weight: 70lb

• Size: 47H * 43L* 8W (inch) • Folding Size:12H*43L*8W(inch)

• Wheels:10inch

• Max Load: 330lb/150kg

• Battery: 52V 23.4Ah

• Top Speed:40mph

• Longest Range:45miles

• Max Climbing Ability: 45°

• Charger Time:5-8 hours

• Controller Current:25A*2

• Warranty: 365days,motors, 180days,battery & controllers

Question: Can it be a ride on the grass or sandy dirt?

Answer: Its the benefit of fat tires that you can ride on grass and sandy dirt. It will move pretty well.

Question: What is the return policy of this product?

Answer: There is no return policy.

Question: How long does it perform the batteries?

Answer: More than 3 hours can perform the batteries.

Question: How fast is this thing?

Answer: It depends on your weight and roads. On the level surface, you can go 35 mph easily, but on the grade of the hill, you will lose a few miles.

QIEWA Q1-Hummer Motorized Stand-up Scooter

QIEWA Q1-Hummer Motorized Stand-up Scooter

Q1 Hummer is easy to ride for skilled or new rider both. Well, paint and nice-looking attract everyone’s attention. Don’t need any assembly of this Scooter. All setting options are adjusted—fancy deck light in another beauty of it. Effective hi-quality brakes will help you to stop when you need it instantly. Powerful headlights for the ride at dark. 10 inches pneumatic tires for off-road riding, even grass or sandy dirt.

The Scooter that works is excellent. It’s pretty fast and comfortable to ride. You can compare the Scooter to a few other Super Scooter 800 or 1000. Super Scooter often heavy, and good materials do not use their unit, but this Qiewa is a great unit. I will highly recommend it to people because it’s an excellent scooter for speed and range.


• Motor Power: 800Watts+48Volts

• Max Coverage:68 Miles

• Max Speed: 37MPH

• Battery capacity: 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery

• Max Load : 550lbs

• Brakes: Double Disk brakes for stable braking

• Foldable: 2 Second Quick-Folding

• Waterproof: IP65 waterproof

• TireS: 10 inches pneumatic tires

• Charging type: USB charging function.

Question: does it come with a seat?

Answer: No, you have to buy the seat separately.

Question: What is the return policy?

Answer: The supplier will return the defective unit.

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