Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review

Are you grown enough to ride a pro scooter? Well, you are in the right place. This Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is for the starter to mid-level riders.

Those who are 8+ ages, it’s perfect for them. It evolved and pulled off to subsist with any stumbling block around the streets and also in spike park. The time has come for the riders of the beginner level to take themselves to the next level with Z-300 Pro Scooter. It comes out with a unique deck. The Z-300 assembled in spheroidal shape.

fuzion z300 pro scooter

The Fuzion Marque’s Signature Dog Bone pattern with a 3 mm first and hollow base outline looks good. What’s cool about this scooter? Why is it unique? It’s because it consists of a compact 110 mm Alloy Core Wheels. It Enfolds in 88-A ‘P.U.’ with an even reactive Nylon Foot-brake. The foot-brake is Mold fork and bigger gist Riser Bar (23″ x 22″) for a more contented ride, with a deck of ¼” broader.

The Dog Bone class certifies that it spreads all over the layers. The external carpeting manufacturing looks like the deck is strong. They created it one among many wispy decks spheroidal. The neckline pipe, wired in the inner side for extra vigor and balance.

The Fuzion Z-300 originates fully equipped with I.H.C. compact system. It will give you a headset carriage. It is of Light mass hard fork, “Fuzion Mixture” T bars, alloy stunned three-way lock. Moreover, it has a fast ABEC-9 carriage, 110 mm ‘P.U.’ and troupe aluminum core wheels and flexes brake. This is the best for the kids, which will make them ultra-cool and stunning. Since its weight capacity is more than 200 lbs, an adult can also ride it. 

The color and design of the scooter are so terrifying that kids will love it. It is very much comfortable to ride on, especially for the kids. So, what more do you want for your kids? Now the best part is that the price of Fuzion Z-300 pro scooter is so reasonable with great features. Any person can buy it without thinking. So why are you waiting? If you have read from first to last, then you have used your time in the right corner. The pro riders had tested this scooter on rough surfaces. So, at an affordable price, this scooter is best to buy for the kids aged between 8-12 years old. 

Key  Features of Fuzion z300 pro scooter

  • Weight: The weight of the scooter is below 10 pounds. It can take the pressure up to 220 lbs which the sign of an extremely strong scooter. 
  • Height: The total height of the scooter is 762 mm. The Bar height is 23 inches and the width is 22 inches. The used material for Bar is of plain steel. The outer diameter of the Bar is 31.8 mm.
  • Deck: The width of the bridge is 4.5 Inches. The Length is 19.5 inches. The deck foot space is 12 inches, and the materials used are Aluminum. Enough space for footsteps and movement. It’s compact and affordable.
  • Clamp: Double size clamp is helpful to ride it affordless.
  • Compression: The compression setup used is ‘I.H.C.’
  • Headset: The headset is of Integrated-type.
  • Wheel: The size of the bike is 110 mm. The material used for the core part is also Aluminum. The bearings used are “A.B.E.C-9”.
  • Brake: Nylon braking will give you an extra benefit of riding and stop when you need an emergency brake. It’s a good thing when you think about safety issues.

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