How to get free Mobility Scooter

If you’re a disable person then you have a chance to get free mobility scooter. But you have to meet some criteria to prove that you’re eligible to getting it without paying off through some organization who offer wheelchair for free.

Who need mobility scooter

Who Need Mobility Scoote
Who Need Mobility Scoote

Before getting a free Mobility Scooter you need to know who uses it. Mobility Scooters are for those who have some disable order in their lower part of the body. The daily life problems like long-distance, low or high pressure, etc. fall in the same category.

If you find this kind of problem then under doctor prescription you can go for a wheelchair. Now, different questions may arise about every possible way of getting it. Let us see the discussion below to get your desired answer.

Mobility fund organization 

When it comes to buying a handicapped Scooter then in most of the cases, they cannot afford it. It occurs due to the higher price of the Scooters. But we all know that somehow people manage to buy it. Here comes the word fund. Loans and funds are two different things. Those who think can manage money after taking loans then they are free to do so.

But what of those who are also not in that position? Worlds have made a greater opportunity for taking funds to those who need money. On different financial status, you will find lots of ways of buying a Mobility Scooter. Without spending a single money from your pocket, you can buy it. Some of the useful ways are below with proper briefs in them.

Does Medicaid pay for Mobility Scooters?

Medicare:  One of the best sources for getting hope for funds is Medicare. Everybody questioned regarding the fact that “Does Medicaid pay for Mobility Scooter?”. The answer seems simple and straightforward. The reason behind getting funds from Medicare is your disability.

Generally, they will get you a free Mobility Scooter based on your medical reports. Since it is a matter of funds, they will pay 80 percent of the total cost and you need to pay the rest 20 percent. If you are unable to pay also the 20 percent then you will get rest funds from different funding programs. One of them is TRICARE, CHAMPVA for life. This 20 percent fund is only for those people who love traveling long distances.

Contributions and Donations:

Different charities contribute to give away free Mobility Scooters. These benevolent organizations provide financial support for free mobility Scooters. Now, the fact is this occurs in the way first comes first served by the US non-government organizations. Besides, you also need to know that they have an available fund or not. So, it will be better to sign up for these organizations. Some names of them are KELLY BRUSH FOUNDATION, TRAVIS ROY FOUNDATION, etc.

Your assurance company:

One way to get a free Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair is from your insurance company. Now, if you are eligible for riding a Mobility Scooter then you can talk to the insurance health provider. If you think you need it then by making medical reports from a doctor you can claim for it to the insurance company. But you need to make sure that your company has this type of policy. So, for getting a free Mobility Scooter you need to stick with the insurance health officer.

The American Outreach foundation:

It is a large foundation from the US to those Veterans who own low-level income. But before that, you need to maintain some criteria. First of all, you need to have a recommendation from a doctor or physician.

Next, you need a letter of denial from an insurance provider. After that, you need to show them your documents of annual income. Lastly, you need a prescription paper from your recommended doctor. Besides these criteria, you can also get funds from them if you remain in touch.   

Latter-day saint Charities:

It is a Christian organization that works by taking funds from different churches. Their main motive is to donate this fund to those who are unable to buy a Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair. They raise funds and donates to those disabled Veterans. So, they gather the full fund from different churches and donate those funds.

Communal Security and Sate Disability Support:

They are the last option for the hope of getting a free Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair. They can bear the half or full part of the total cost of a Mobility Scooter. But to get a free Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair you have to wait several months. Their process is long but they are only the last hope.

Who qualifies for Mobility Scooter

Before buying a Mobility Scooter, you need to know that these types of scooters are for disabled people. They are unable to do normal physical work at home or in any workplace. Now, for getting qualified at first you need to have any doctor’s recommendation. If you even go to the seller to buy it, they will ask you to give them the doctor’s prescription. Without any kind of physical disability, you cannot buy it.

Now, what example sets a physical disability? Suppose, while taking things from the ground cabinet if you feel pain in your upper hip part then you can get it. If you find difficulty in walking long distances then for your legs you can get it. So, to get a Mobility Scooter, you need to be a disabled person. And also, you need hard communication to place your proper reason.

Wheelchair Assistance Programs

Many Wheelchair Assistance Programs programs help the disabled persons. In most of the cases, they provide a max amount of the total cost of a wheelchair. The rest amount needs to bear the individuals. Some programs also pay the remaining amount bearing the total cost of a wheelchair. But before going to the Help programs you need to make sure of your disability.

Otherwise, they will check the individuals before showing their helping hands. If they find any kind of fraud then your situation may get worse. Now let us see some of the Help Programs for these Wheelchairs. These Charities, Fund-collectors, Non-profit Organization, Public Help. You will find that these types of programs are always for the donation of disable people.

Free Wheelchair for the Seniors

Those who are more in ages often lead a painful life due to their body weakness. Most of the part of their body gets almost disabled. The leg part and the upper hip part are the main parts where they start feeling pain. It may be for low calcium in their bone joints, more weight capacity for legs, back pain for getting old.

So, for them, the different organization provides a Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair. And, they thought of giving it at free of cost. This organization works for those who are unable to afford a powered Wheelchair. Besides, they also do not differentiate any Seniors with the issue of poor or rich. Seeing with an eye of respect, they provide free wheelchairs for the Seniors.

Free Walkers for Seniors

Free Walker For Senior
Free Walker For Senior

For walking at ground surfaces, you can use Walkers. You can use it on both outside and inside of your house at the ground surface. It is for the old age people who find a problem walking alone. Now, it gets hard to find human help always by their sides. That is why these Walkers came to the market.

Many disabled poor people even cannot afford to buy a four-wheeled walker. For them different organizations, Charities, Insurance companies, etc. raises funds. But middle age disables people prefer Wheelchairs more than Wheel Walkers. So, you need to do simple research on getting Wheel Walkers for free at cost.


After the above discussion, we hope that you will find your desired answer to all the questions. So, to get any of the above machines you always need to have a doctor recommendation. If you want to get help from your insurance provider then you need to place a strong reason. Different Mobility Companies do the work of insurance paper for making it easier. They will provide you with a proper license after seeing everything. So, after reading this blog you will be able to get a proper idea of getting a Wheelchair for free.

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