Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter Review

Razor Pocket Mod Overview

Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter

The Razor Pocket Euro Electric Scooter is for the little youngsters. It is a stylish and real arrangement of wheels. The scooter will produce enthusiasm for design that will knock some people’s eyes off. Vintage styling meets the elite Italian style bike, Betty coloured two-wheeled electric scooter.

The Razor Company has focused on the best riding vehicles. The latest technology, high-quality materials, and new product, designed to suit young riders. a technology-based attractive lifestyle. 

  • Vintage-style with a chain-driven electric motor scooter
  • Get speed that accelerates up to 15 miles per hour 
  • A 12-inch pneumatic tires having a rear suspension system 
  • The Built-in battery runs up to10 miles on average

The scooter is an excellent design for ages 13 and up. You will see, most of the guardians are buying it for children or for their own riding purpose. The vehicle is quite a smooth two-wheeler, which makes its customers happy. It can bear the max weight of 170 pounds; with a 90-day warranty. The storage is under the seat and it is with retractable center mount kickstand. The handlebar with streamers and covered wheels are pretty gorgeous.


Razor Pocket Mod won’t come with 100% assemble. You have to assemble some parts of it. The below video has a clear direction to assemble it.


The motor can speed up to 15mph and can continue the speed for 40 minutes. The vintage-inspired scooter is chain driven but with an electric motor. The scooter has a rear manual brake with twist-grip acceleration control powers. The acceleration has twist- grip, easy functions and, hand-operated brake.


The battery is rechargeable, 24 V (two 12V). Lead-acid batteries, charging time is 12 hours. The battery charger is also included with the Betty scooter. The assembled product dimension is 50inchx18 inch x 30inch. The longevity of the battery is at least 10 years as in the review.


This two-wheeler has 12-inch pneumatic tires and suspension. It gives the rider the joy of smooth, safe riding. Both the tire and tubes are original from the factory. The tire and tube set is (12.5×2.25) available from the Razor factory. The Betty original tires and tubes are replaceable, they are available. 


The Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter has two wheels. The Razor Factory Original Tire & Tube Set (12.5 x 2.25) for the Razor Pocket Euro Electric scooter. The wheel has a pure, solid grip. The wheel is very comfortable with its owner. To turn and to use the brake is smooth.

Color variety:

There are different colors, Betty, Hot Mod, Sweet Pea, Vapor Black and, White.

  • Hot Mod: The scooter is European styled. A powerful electric motor; the scooter carries its riders and can speed up to 15 mph. The other facilities are the same as Betty’s.
  • Sweet Pea: It is the Same as Hot mod. Sweet Pea is also a European-styled scooter. The manufacturer makes it bright pink and beautifully pink. It has handlebar streamers only for girls to look beautiful. The tires are the same as the other ones. The12-inch pneumatic tire gives the greatest power transfer; there is a retractable kickstand. 
  • Vapor Black: Vapor Black is a vintage-inspired Mod designed scooter. Scooters’ performance is high. The performance of the electric motor is a mixture of utility and extra special style of its own.

The provisions are the same as Betty only varying the speed. But the same chain-driven motor for most power transfer in use. The Vapor can only travel up to 10 miles on a single charge. It has

Large 12″ pneumatic tires and rear suspension for a smooth ride, making the rider feel happy and good. The Vapor carries riders up to 170 lbs and runs up to 40 minutes non-stop.

  • White: The Pocket Mod has fashion and passion in a remarkable style. Which is out-standing, the hottest ride on the block.

It is also powered by 24V, high-torque, and a single-speed chain-driven motor. It delivers fun that speeds up to 15 mph (24 km/h) are quite powerful. 

The Rechargeable battery in the scooter is 24V (two 12V). Inside it is the sealed-lead-acid battery system. This system provides up to 40 minutes of non-stop use. The riders 3C: comfort, confidence, and control.

This mini electric scooter has a kid-sized frame. The frame makes it the perfect electric-powered fun and safe.

The all-steel frame provides for a solid ride, the rider can weight 170 lbs. (77 kg). It features soft rubber grips, with twist acceleration control. Also with a safety touch to control.


  • The Razor Pocket Euro Electric Scooter has everything satisfying to its buyer. The weight the scooter is to carry is correct 150 kg.
  • The users are completely satisfied. From 13 to 70 up of age. The scooter is a perfect mixture of utility and style.


  • Appearance and size are deceiving. 
  • The handles are a bit tricky, sometimes the scooter stops recharging.


The product, the Razor scooter dimensions are 51.6 pounds and the shipping weight is 61.8 pounds. The residents inside California have a different system to get the scooter.

The item model number is 15130691. If you want to order, and the batteries 12V, they are available at Amazon.com and you can order them.

The customer reviews are 4.4 out of 5. The Razor Euro is achieving the Amazon bestseller rank #9,042. Among the Top 100 in ‘Sports & Outdoors ranked#54. 

Conclusion: The Razor Pocket Euro scooter is available on Amazon. The shipping is free with some conditions and the price is not so high to buy.

These Razor products are sold in the United States and Canada. Some Razor products are for the international channel. It is available with a warranty in some foreign countries. You can call +1 866 467 2967 for the details about Razor products that need service. The consumers are to pay the costs including shipping. Available in other countries also, even in Bangladesh but the user has to pay for all the costs. 

The Razor Euro scooter is beautiful to look at, as it looks in the picture.

User Satisfaction of The Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter

The rating is 4.5 stars and 1,804. More than 500 people are happy. And some are buying, using and buying for the second time, presenting it to others. The Pocket Mod is in a fashionable color.  Including a storage compartment under the seat. 

Most of the kids (12+), girls and women are happy and satisfied after using it. Consumers are getting excited, happy to buy the Razor scooter. Children enjoy riding the scooter so much that parents and guardians are glad. They are happy to buy for other children.

Most parents and guardians are quite satisfied, so they started giving the scooter as a gift. Not only once but after buying it, using it and now they wish to buy and use it again or to buy for others as a gift! The scooter is not at all problems or trouble to use it, rather very easy and excellent to use and to drive it.

The Amazon review and the rating show the popularity of the scooter. There are all positive comments. The users recommended that they buy it for grandchildren or niece, and the kids are happy. They like the colors, the coziness, comfort, and the ease to drive it. Girls enjoy riding this scooter and even ladies feel safe while riding the scooter.

The scooter uses a rechargeable battery. A privilege to keep a neat and tidy scooter,  and yourself, no oil hassle. The recharger is with the scooter and is beneath the seat. So no problem to charge again and the speed is only 10 to 15mph, which is not at all much to harm its rider or the scooter.

Even the Razor Company and manufacturer have their own reputation. Giving the buyer a good impression of the best buying product. it is not good for highways but for the local area, you can ride the ups and downs with it. The review doesn’t say that it would tilt and let its rider to fall down.

The weight the scooter can carry is enough for the rider. There are different colors and a rider can choose a different one. There is a safety helmet with the bundle offer. You can buy together, the scooter and the helmet, so that you can ride away, after you buy it.

Recommendation for The Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter

The Pocket Mod gives young girls fashion and passion with fun on wheels. Which sure is a hot, important and impressive product. The vintage-inspired style of the scooter meets high performance. And more with the classic Italian scooter design. The Newsweek, TIME and Teen Vogue and customer satisfaction are growing day by day.

Customers are happy to use it. Those who have used it are happy to buy and want to use it again and again.

After reviews and seeing customer satisfaction, I recommend you to buy the scooter. For a safe rider, the Razor Euro Scooter is the best. It has the most positive reviews, and no accident reports. The valuable information is, you are safe with the high speed, only 15 mph. It is quite reasonable to have fun and safety together.

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