Different Types Of Scooters With Specification

How many different types of scooters are there in the market?

There are eight types of scooters in the market. Most of the time they are a bit different from each other but some have a huge difference.  Lets get insight for the deep analysis of each of them to clarify.

Types of Medical or Mobility Scooters

Medical or Mobility Scooter is for elderly and disabled peoples. These types of scooters are the best for riding around home and short-distant roads. We manufactured them to do so. Now, if you search for a medical or mobility wheelchair you will find different categories of it. Some wheelchairs are best at portable. 

Mobility Scooters
Mobility Scooters

Some at their number of wheels and some according to their weight capacity. Now it is your choice which one suits you according to your budget. The models which fall in the best portable category are easy to carry. Their body always remains compact. Since the body is compact this type of Scooter can carry a weight of less than 300 lbs. 

Medical Scooters itself weight around 22 pounds. Now, come to the category of mobility bike that contains more than 2 wheels. A 3-wheels or 4-wheels bike has a good advantage that it can carry weights more than 350 pounds. Moreover, the 4-wheels bike has an average speed of 10 mph. This is fast enough for an adult to ride at smooth speed. 

According to the weight capacity these types of Scooters are much heavier and fast enough to ride. Coming to the specification, here you will get an idea about the average mobility Scooter. The total dimension of this type of Scooter is 38″ L x 22″ W x 39″ H. Its weight has a range from 22 lb – 39.5 lb. It can carry weight from 300 lb to more than 350 pounds. 

Most of them have gear changing ability and speed ranges from 3 mph – 10 mph. These have 3 individual rechargeable batteries (12 volts each) and are made of Li-Ion. The frames are stainless steel. The size of the wheel ranges from 4” to 8”. The Electronic Controller ranges from 40 amp to 160 amp. Brakes are smooth enough for a good pause or stop. Size of the seats ranges from 28 x 37 cm to 45 x 45 cm. Type of motor is Magnetic Brushless Dc motor and it ranges from 250 watts to 500 watts.

Types of Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters are the best alternative of Vepsa Scooters and Bikes. It gives you much more thrilling and fun while riding on it. Now, in the market Razor has taken the place of manufacturing Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters
Electric Scooters

They have made the models into two categories. One is for adults and the other is for kids. Again, the Scooters are also divided depending on their weights. Some are easy to carry and some are not for carrying. But every Electric Scooter has a retractable stand for parking. 

Now, let us observe the total specifications of an Electric Scooter. Before that we would like to clear the fact about ages. You can get Scooters for ages 8-12(Older Kids), 13+(Teens and Adults), and 18+(Adults). The speed ranges from 18 mph to 62 mph. Most of the tires are pneumatic but some of them have mixed tiers also. The brakes are quite smooth and active. Few of them contain electronic brakes but most of them have drum and disc brakes. 

The weight capacity of the Electric Scooter ranges from 220lb to 550lb. These Scooters weight themselves from 18lb to 81lb. The wheel size varies from 8 inches to 16 inches. Most of these have a water resistance system attached to the body. These are IPx4, IP34, IP67, etc. They have good battery capacitance. Their motor power ranges from 100 watts to 6720 watts.

Types of Pro Scooters

If you want to ride around the neighborhood for fun then Pro Scooters will be best for you. It does not consume electricity nor it does not need fuel to run. You only need a kick to start the riding. It is best for the kids as well as teens. 

Moreover, this types of Scooters are lightweight. So, there is nothing to worry about carrying it. You can always find a retractable kickstand with almost all the Pro Scooters. Let us have a quick look at the total specification of Pro Scooter. They are best for doing any kind of good stunt. 

The max weight these can carry is 220lb. These types of Scooters are suitable for the kids above 8 years. The standard size of the bar is 1.25 inches in diameter. The deck width is broad enough for standing with comfort. The integrated deck contains the bearings installed in it. 

On the other, you need to customize the non-integrated deck. Almost every Pro Scooter is lightweight. So, these are easy to carry anywhere at any time at any place you want. They are easy to assemble. All the Pro Scooter has a good rubbery grip attached to the head of the handle-bars. This will make you control it smoothly. 

Types of Stunt Scooters

You already guessed this types of Scooters. We made them do high jump, low jump, etc. These types of Scooters can handle lots of pressure. 

We made the full-frame rigid. The Stunt bikes are best for teenagers at all combinations. But going to the adults, it will be tough for them to manage all composition. This is because adults are more in weight. And as the body of the Scooters are lightweight, so it will be difficult for the Scooters to handle them. 

But there are Scooters for adults with good and strong handlebars for doing small stunts. Some of the famous Stunt Scooter is “Land Surfer”, “858 GR”, “Fuzion X-3 Pro”, etc. Let us see the specifications of them. Most of them carry weight up to 220 pounds. It weight 7.7 pounds. 

So, these types of Scooters are easy to lift and one can take it anywhere at any time. All of them have a grip on its handlebar which will give you a good flexibility to stunt. Brakes are noiseless and give a smooth pause. The deck is wide and strong enough to hold any kind of hard stunt. 

Types of Moped Scooters

Many of us mix the Moped with bikes. It is a different kind of Scooter runs at equal cc of bikes. The motor of this moped is below the Seat. They have often a basket attached at the front handlebar. The tires are large in diameter like a bike. 

Moped Scooters
Moped Scooters

The mopeds have a front headlight for night rides. The deck area is large enough to place both the feat with comfort. These types of Scooters are best for traveling short distances. You can also find two small lights placed at the backside for indicating a pause or slowing down. 

The Moped has a gear changing system. You can control the acceleration by twisting the grip with the palm of your hand. All the handlebars have a rubbery grip attached to it. You can ride with pleasure by seating with this Scooter. 

It contains all types of brakes and they are smooth enough to give you a quick pause. It has also a good suspension in the rear side of the seat which helps you to ride the bumpy road. The highest speed is 40 mph. The motor runs at 50 cc at almost near to the bike engine. Its gas mileage is very low. The moped can carry more than 350 pounds of weight.

Types of Tricks Scooters

If you want to show some tricks then you can look at this type of Scooter. Their deck is strong but light in weight. With its compact and wide deck, you can do the stunt for showing different tricks. The handlebars are strong and easy to adjust. 

The Tricks Scooter is best for the kids above 8 years as they are light in weight and can perform any kind of tricks. The Scooter would not suit the adults as the deck can hold them while doing any stunt. The wheels are minor in diameter. 

Every of them has solid wheels for Pro riding. The whole body of them are durable. The design of the frame seems attractive. The weight carrying capacity ranges from 140-220 pounds. The trick Scooter itself weight around 7.7 pounds which is enough for one to carry it anywhere. 

All of them have ABEC 5 bearings. The grips are also rubbery for the good control of handlebars. Some of the Tricks scooters have brake systems on them. One of them is the Grit Flex Fender type brake with a curved shape. So, the full-frame is strong enough to do any kind of dangerous tricks but is lightweight.

Types of Kids Scooters

Kids Scooter will be the best option for outdoor fun. If you want to buy the best kids Scooters then do not miss this information. You will gather an idea about the Scooter for ages with-n 5 years. 

Kids Scooters
Kids Scooters

These Scooters are attractable with their varieties of color. For making the ride secure they have safety brakes. The handlebars are also adjustable according to their height. The deck area is wide enough for the kids to place their feet with comfort. 

But they often does not come in a combined form. No need to worry as we will provide the assembling kit and a guide for making it easier for you. These Scooters are light-weight. So, it is easier for them to carry anywhere if they want to. Your kids can ride a short distance around the whole neighborhood for outdoor fun. Moreover, they do not need any fuel not consume electricity to ride on. 

You only need a simple kick to start. Durable deck and strong enough to hold your kids for a long time. You can also find good handling due to the rubbery grips. No need to worry about carrying because most of them are foldable. The wheels are polyurethane which will help your kids to ride on a bumpy road. 

Types of Adults Scooters

Nowadays, Adults are also interested in Scooter. Scooters are not only for one’s childhood ride. Now, these are also used for transportation purposes. Most of the adults Scooters are electric and kick base but we will talk about all Adult Scooters

If you are looking for adult transportation then don’t miss out on this small piece of information. The best Adults bike for commuting is Electric or Kick. The top Adult Scooters are GOTRAX Rival Electric, Bird One, Razor A5 Lux, etc. The weight capacity is 200 lb. These can also hold weights more than that also. The kick Scooter is light in weight but the electric ones aren’t. 

These types of Scooters have gear changing ability as well as powerful motors. The speed ranges from 15.5 mph to more than 18 mph. The kick Scooter is foldable and durable through its whole frame. You can carry it and place it anywhere you want. The electric bike range from 40 miles- 60 miles on a single charge. The battery used for the max cases is Li-Ion 32-48 volt 7-12 Ah (3 – 4 in quantity). The motor power ranges from 500 to 2000 watt or more. 

All of them have headlights for night transportation. The decks are quite wide and the handlebars are of aluminum steel. The handlebars have grips for comfort control. The tiers are larger than the normal kick and electric Scooters. They are also good for riding over terrain surfaces.

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